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Quality Service Guarantee

Quality Service Guarantee

If the participant of a class is dissatisfied with the quality of service received, then that participant can receive a full refund of any corresponding class costs, applicable taxes, and fees. To be eligible for this full refund, the participant must request a refund in writing by sending an email to sales at primaryenterprising.com. This email must contain the following information to be eligible for a refund: participant’s first and last name, the specific name and date of the service for which the refund is being sought, the first and last name of the individual that paid for the service (the purchaser), a valid contact phone number for the participant and the purchaser, and a valid email for the participant and the purchaser. This request for a refund email must be received by Primary Enterprising within 24 hours after the course is completed. For example, if a course is completed at 3pm local time on Monday, then Primary Enterprising must receive a refund request email from the participant by 3pm local time on that Tuesday. Any refund request email received after 3pm local time on that Tuesday would be ineligible for a refund. After a refund is approved by Primary Enterprising, Primary Enterprising then has up to 30 days to process the approved refund. Courses provided by Primary Enterprising affiliates, resellers, or third parties are not part of the Quality Service Guarantee program, and thus are not eligible for any refund.

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