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Worldwide Solutions

Having a worldwide presence enables us to adopt a holistic strategy to any solution requirements. This global presence includes teams of Trainers, Lecturers, Coaches, & Speakers. These teams work diligently to constantly provide exemplary solutions to our customers. Regardless of the challenges and obstacles your industry is facing, we can provide tailored solutions to help reach the next level of success. These tailored solutions are carefully crafted to help achieve objectives.

Institution Solutions

Adapting to an institutional change, such as a restructure or acquisition, can be the difference maker in whether an institution financially flourishes or flounders. Furthermore, institutions need to be able to adapt quickly to competitive pressures in a constantly changing technological environment. Primary Enterprising assesses the institution’s current change management preparedness, and we analyze the environmental variables pertinent to the change management event. We subsequently work with institutions to ensure they are equipped with the tools necessary to effectively respond to organizational and industry changes of any proportion.

Perhaps your institution needs to draft a press release, or your CEO is going to send all company personnel an email announcing organizational changes. No matter what the institutional event is, Primary Enterprising can help your institution create the optimal message and content to communicate to the intended audience. Moreover, we can also provide an evaluation of your current institutional message and give you pivotal insights on any strengths and opportunities.

Primary Enterprising provides custom services that are more tailored to your institution’s specific needs. For example, perhaps your institution is interested in providing its leadership team with an on-site course focused on developing the team’s writing skills. No matter what type of tailored solution is required, Primary Enterprising can work with your institution to provide the quintessential outcome.

After an employee is hired, the onboarding process begins. This stage is critical because an effective onboarding helps to ensure that the employee is equipped with the tools, knowledge, and confidence requisite to be successful. This success ultimately ensures that the institution achieves maximum retention, employee engagement, and financial results. Primary Enterprising will assist your institution in assessing the current onboarding process to locate any opportunities for improvement. We then utilize effective proprietary tools and data analytics to help your institution improve its onboarding process to maximize its return on investment.

In today’s competitive and fast-paced climate, employee productivity is vital to success. This productivity can be contingent on a plethora of variables, such as employee engagement, incentives & rewards, leadership, core competencies, training & development, work-life balance, and more. Primary Enterprising will work with your institution to diagnose the current productivity gaps that exist within your institution. Once this assessment is conducted, we will then utilize effective proprietary tools and metrics to provide the solutions necessary to improve your employee productivity.

Employee retention is pivotal to the financial success and longevity of any institution. Thanks to our effective employee retention solutions, institutions can maximize employee retention and set themselves up for long-term success. We work with institutions to identify the root causes of their employee retention issues. Subsequently, we implement proven strategies and tools to correct the retention root causes. Furthermore, we utilize organizational behavior best practices to provide additional measures institutions can take achieve optimal employee retention.

Primary Enterprising offers group training seminars for your employees on-site or off-site, whichever option is more convenient for you and your teams. We can deliver group training seminars on a plethora of various topics, such as time management, communicating effectively, managing workplace politics, etc. These group training seminars can have classes sizes that range from a few participants, to dozens of participants.

Primary Enterprising provides executives in all industries with the coaching they need to maximize their effectiveness as business leaders. These results are achieved by coaching executives in key categories of interpersonal communication, time management, public speaking, articulating messages, maintaining confidence, and engaging audiences. For each leader, we create a tailored coaching action plan to enable the leader to achieve those results.

Primary Enterprising can provide keynote speaking to your company’s functional departments, C-Suite executives, or entire staff. Our trained and experienced speakers can provide your teams with captivating keynote speaking on a multitude of topics, such as change management, personal brand, organizational behavior best practices, executive presence, and driving engagement. Our lead instructors also lead short seminars at company meetings or industry conferences on our program topics.

Companies partner with Primary Enterprising to help these organizations create policies/standard operating procedures. These policies/procedures allow organizations to build & maintain a framework that their employees can leverage for guidance. Not only do we assist companies with the initial development of their policies & procedures, we also help companies revise these documents to remain current in a constantly changing business climate. The types of policy and process documents that we partner with organizations to develop include topics such as attendance, performance management, performance reviews, time off benefits, etc.

We offer organizations of all sizes research services that can help their business access pivotal insights and data related to topics such as industry analysis, market trends, historical trends, and projected trends. This data can then be used by organizations to make informed business decisions. Moreover, this research data provides companies with the pertinent information needed to take calculated strategic initiatives.

Conducting time studies can enable companies to determine standards for performance. Time studies also aid companies in determining where processes can be streamlined and made more efficient. This in turn yields benefits of managed expectations, realistic deliverables, efficient operations, cost savings, and increased profit. We conduct time studies for a myriad of industries, such as manufacturing, merchandising, retail, restaurant, and construction. By performing these thorough time studies, analyzing the data, and then providing a recommended course of action, we help companies gain a strong competitive advantage within their industry.

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