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Higher Score Guarantee

Higher Score Guarantee

If a customer purchases a Higher Score Guarantee (HSG) eligible program from Primary Enterprising, we guarantee that the customer will achieve a higher test score (compared to the previous test score the customer earned taking the same test). If the customer does not achieve a higher test score, then the customer is eligible for a full refund of any corresponding program costs, applicable taxes, and fees. The following Primary Enterprising programs offer a Higher Score Guarantee (HSG): exam prep services. (The following Primary Enterprising programs do not offer a Higher Score Guarantee (HSG): non-test prep category courses.). The following information outlines the terms of the Higher Score Guarantee program.  As a first-time Primary Enterprising student, you enroll in and complete an HSG-eligible program for which you have paid in full. (Note: only first-time Primary Enterprising customers are eligible for the HSG. Repeat customers who have previously purchased an HSG-eligible program are not eligible for the HSG.) You establish a baseline test score by emailing a legible copy of your previous official test results to sales at primaryenterprising.com. Once you complete the HSG-eligible program and retake the official test, you must email a legible copy of your new official test results to [email protected] These test results must be received by Primary Enterprising within 30 days of the date you completed the HSG-eligible program. To be eligible for a full refund, this same email must also include the customer’s request for a refund, along with the following information: participant’s first and last name, the specific name and any applicable date of the program for which the refund is being sought, the first and last name of the individual that paid for the service (the purchaser), a valid contact phone number for the participant and the purchaser, and a valid email for the participant and the purchaser. After a refund is approved by Primary Enterprising, Primary Enterprising then has up to 30 days to process the approved refund. HSG is not a promise or representation by Primary Enterprising of any outcome, score or increase and is solely an opportunity (where applicable) to qualify for money back. Primary Enterprising does not guarantee acceptance to any school or residency program, passage of any exam or any other such outcome. Courses provided by Primary Enterprising affiliates, resellers, or third parties are not part of the Higher Score Guarantee program, and thus are not eligible for any refund.

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