Custom Course Development

Custom Course Development

Is there a specific type of training course or test prep course that we don’t offer in our current course catalog? For example, perhaps you want to learn more about boats or fishing. Perhaps you want to prep for the Master Sommelier Diploma Exam or the Certified Master Chef Exam. Since we do not currently offer any training courses for every topic, we will develop a custom course specific to the requested topic.

How it Works

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Provide us with the type of training or test prep course you want us to create.

We Provide A Quote

Within 24 hours, we will let you know how much it will cost to create the custom course

We Create The Course

We create the entire course within one week, and then you can enroll in the course.

Once your custom course is created, you will have access to the course for three months.

The cost of a custom course varies depending on multiple variables, such as the course topic and complexity of the subject. However, an average cost of a custom course is around $650

We will create a custom course for any training topic or test prep topic. Here are some examples of custom courses we have created for clients: Master Sommelier Diploma Exam Prep Course, Certified Master Chef Exam Prep Course, Intro to Fishing, and Essentials of Yard Maintenance.

We have never missed the one week timeline for creating a custom course. Therefore, we guarantee that a custom course will be completed within a one week timeframe, or else you will be able to enroll in the course free of charge.

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