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Career Areas

We offer a wide array of career opportunities, including careers in operations, customer service, sales, and more.


Effectiveness is imperative to adapting to constantly changing business climate. Therefore, we seek entrepreneurial and motivated individuals to operate our business. We provide career opportunities in a myriad of areas including management, strategic planning, process improvement, and more.

Customer Service

Exceeding our customers’ expectations is crucial to our business. We seek customer-focused individuals to interact with our customers. Whether you are working at an office or customer support center, there are a myriad of excellent opportunities for you to choose from that enhance our customers’ experience.


Effectively conveying our brand helps our business succeed. Therefore, it is imperative that individuals in a sales role can effectively communicate the value proposition our brand has to offer. We offer an eclectic mix of sales career opportunities including brand strategy, online marketing, e-commerce, account management, and more.


Excellent teaching is the foundation of our organization. We provide excellent career opportunities for instructors to teach the following topics: test prep, professional training, business, technology, and more. We seek exemplary instructors who are subject matter experts within their industry. Our career opportunities include classroom and online teaching.

Human Resources

Recruiting and developing talent is vital to our firm’s success and longevity. We seek human resources professionals in recruiting, employee development, and more.


We seek experienced technical experts who are familiar with advanced technology. Our career opportunities include web development, quality assurance, and more


The benefits package is a pivotal component of our employees’ overall compensation. Therefore, we are firmly dedicated to providing our teams with a competitive benefits package. The information outlined below provides a clear overview of the benefits our organization offers.


Time Off Benefits

Financial Future

Company Culture

At Primary Enterprising, our teams come from a myriad of various industries and experience levels, not solely education. What inspires individuals to join and grow with Primary Enterprising is our dedication to offering the best educational services, along with our firm commitment to achieving results, as well as our unmatched drive to providing exceptional customer support.

Primary Enterprising leads the path in providing superb educational services & novel education technologies to customers around the globe. The educational terrain is constantly evolving, and Primary Enterprising is leading the progression with a customer-centric strategy. By being a crucial component of our team, you can engage in activities that help individuals improve their lives via education.

At Primary Enterprising, we utilize chances to widen the accessibility of education. Moreover, we locate novel methods to help individuals expand their knowledge. By joining the Primary Enterprising team, you can take charge of your career path in an innovative and results-driven atmosphere.

An adept & effective leadership team, along with the capability to hire & develop exceptional talent, is vital to our prosperity. Thanks to development tools, such as performance evaluations & development courses, our employees can develop the skillsets they need to achieve their career goals.

Primary Enterprising is for those individuals who are driven to achieve results. We fully support our teams to achieve unprecedented levels of results & success, while providing teams the resources they might need to achieve those results.

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Primary Enterprising is a global company that provides a wide array of career opportunities. These career opportunities include Customer Support, Technology, Finance, and more. Search for current job openings at Primary Enterprising.

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